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Unplugged Wedding?

Unplugged weddings have become a huge trend and ill admit I am the person who always sneaks a camera in, but now I have a new perspective to share.

I had a bride and groom this week emphasize their desire to have their wedding unplugged.  The bride and groom put a line in their invitation asking guests to be "present". They have Signs to be posted at the end of the aisle asking no photos to be taken.  They told me that they wanted me there because I would take the photos and their guests will be Present.

Its stuck me because why is it so important that guests get their own photos, myself included. I mean as a guest you are not allowed to go all the places the professionals can so cant we just be happy to see the ones the bride and groom paid for?

The bride and groom spent THOUSANDS of dollars to have professionals there to capture dad walking her down the aisle, their first kiss, their first moments as husband and wife, their guests tearfully watching in support.

Next time you go to a wedding, respect the wishes of the bride and groom, be present, enjoy the wedding without watching through a screen, and save your photos for the reception.

- someone who has been to A LOT of weddings