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The Perfect Season For Your Engagement Session?

I bet after that ring was put on your finger and the flood of excitement ran through your body one of the first things you thought about was your engagement photos! Of course after you booked your venue! I know a lot of thought goes into your e-session and all the questions swirling around your head can make it a bit stressful. But, I’m here to help! I think one of the first things to think about is “What season do you prefer to have your photos taken in?” Do you love the fall and the beautiful autumn colors? Maybe the summer is your jam and the glow of a warm sunset? There are so many perks as well as things to think about when you are choosing from the four seasons.

The backdrop of your photos can be a major factor in your decision. Do you love the bright look of budding spring trees? Or when a fresh powder of snow has fallen to the ground and is covering the trees you just have to get outside? Many couples also choose a season based on when their wedding date is scheduled so their engagement photos “match” the season of their wedding. Definitely not a requirement and certainly if you have a shorter engagement it may not be possible. Your thoughts on outfits could also play a role in your decision on a season. If have you always dreamed of wearing a short cocktail dress for your photos? Bare legs may not be as fun if it’s freezing outside. Or maybe you love the look of a hat with a scarf and being all layered up? The cold might be for you guys. Lots to think about, right?! Here are some additional pros and cons of each season to hopefully help in your decision making process. Keep in mind, I photograph all of my engagement sessions 2 hours prior to sunset. This will give you an idea of what time you would need to start your session in each season.


Trees and the landscapes are starting to make a comeback in the months of April-May! Lots of colors begin to emerge and pretty backdrops for your photos are popping up. However, we could be more limited in locations if you want large blooming trees. Some trees bloom faster while others pop later in the spring. And many spring trees blossom quickly and disappear in a week or two. So timing is everything. Be prepared too for a possible session reschedule here or there based on the rains the midwest can tend to get in the spring. Don’t worry though, it will be worth it! Sunset times can vary between 7:30-8:30pm, which would mean the session may need to start around 5:30-6:30pm depending on the date.


Everything in the summer should be green and full by June and last through August. Your location options won’t be limited since the backdrops are lush and ready to go! Lots of variety of flowers, flowing fountains, and gorgeous sunsets. So the possibilities are endless! The heat can play a factor in the summer, but again if I’m photographing your e-session two hours before sunset hopefully we are out in the cooler hours of the day. Because the sun stays out later throughout the summer, start times are later for example closer to 6 or 6:30pm.


When temps start to get a little cooler the beautiful colors of the fall begin to come out! Technically fall is in the months of September-November. This being said, over the last few years I have noticed the fall colors aren’t showing up until later in the season. So if you really want your photos to have those gorgeous leaves you may have to wait until mid-October to early November. Keep in mind as well, the fall is my busiest time of the year with weddings and family sessions. So let’s definitely get you on the calendar earlier rather than later before dates fill up! The sunset time will vary and due to daylight savings time the sun will go down very early by the beginning of November. Your start time may need to be around 2-3pm based on sunset, which could result in you needing to take a little time off of work.


The colder months can definitely involve much more snuggling to keep you two warm. However, a winter session can provide some beautiful photos and sunsets. Most trees in the months of December-March will be completely bare unless we find some evergreen trees for a wintery feel. Plus around the holidays there are usually plenty of twinkling lights to play with right before the sun goes down. And snow can definitely add a little magic to your photos. Yet, keep in mind if you are head over heels in love with snow photos you must have a flexible schedule. Snow fall can happen at any time and be gone in a flash. We basically need to schedule your session on the fly! Sunset is much earlier in these months and could be as early as 2-3pm as well.

Choosing the best season for your engagement session doesn’t have to be a hard choice. Weigh out all the options and think about what feels right for you two! No matter what season you decide on, it’s going to be an amazing experience and such a blast!

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