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Photos by Christina

Lavender vs Bird Seed

So many Couple opt for bird seed, bubbles, or flower petals to be tossed at them on their big day. As far as price goes bubbles and flower petals are the top of the budget options. So many will go with bird seed the only issue with that is, as a bride who chose bird seed, it is painful. We might as well have had rocks thrown at us. I suggest using lavender, it has the same effect as bird seed in the photos but is'nt rock hard. Not only that, lavender smell wonderful but it can and make really sweet confetti for your wedding day. The small lavender buds are the perfect size for throwing up in the air, and they’re not heavy either so nothing is going to hit the couple too hard!

You also usually get several stems on a lavender bush, so you should be able to quite a few lavender buds for confetti without too many issues. Lavender most popularly grows in gorgeous shades of purple, but you can also get a more cream-colored lavender if you’re looking for something to match the feel of your white wedding theme.