Dream Beauty Photography

Photos by Christina

Kim and Chris

Chris and Kim met in 2007 and dated for about 6 months before life circumstances led Kim to move across country to Idaho, when she had a chance to meet her dad. The distance proved difficult because they were very young, so they

(like many couples) decided to take a break and give each other space.

Love had a different plan though. For 9 years, they developed a strong friendship. Kim felt a call to serve her country in the military and EVERY time she came home on leave, Chris was the first person to greet her.

For these 9 years, several obstacles--from cancer to babies--confronted these two. Nonetheless, not only did they survive, they thrived and began to lean on each other. Medical issues may have forced Kim to retire early from the military, but finally, in 2016, after years of back-and-forth, they yielded to love's desire and made the commitment to one another.

Today they have 2 beautiful baby girls that are Irish twins and 10 months. The oldest is now 9. In the past 3 years they have lived in Kentucky, Texas, and back to Illinois for family.