Dream Beauty Photography

Photos by Christina

Empowering through Boudoir


Some would say beauty is skin deep. Beauty though is so much more than appearance; it is a feeling projected by the person.

When I work with clients, I am often confronted with people that are too aware of their faults. They ask me, for instance, to only photograph one side of their face because they believe it looks better than the other side. “Do not capture their arms because they are unflattering.” “My butt looks big if I’m walking.” “I have a (imaginary) double chin”

Cameras can really lead to confessions of insecurities, but these blemishes have nothing to do with beauty. Appearance is basically the projection of one’s inner confidence. Our mind’s eye judges our own image more harshly than society’s standards.

When I first got into boudoir photography, I knew the product was not going to be just some gift for someone else; rather, a boudoir session is an important time to empower my clients to see themselves as beautiful as God made them. Not all my clients are religious or spiritual, but being a Christian woman myself, I believe it’s my duty to help them realize their innate beauty. This delicate type of photography is not all about sexualizing and showcasing hot bods, but it’s about feeling confident in who they are and the beauty they possess.

If you or someone you know does not think they’re attractive, chances are it’s mainly because he or she is stopping themselves from seeing their own beautiful uniqueness. Being in front of the camera is a way for every person to borrow a set of eyes that can capture these personal facets that they may have become blind to.

There is no objective standard for beauty. Beauty is a combination of one’s inner energy and how that energy is translated through what’s visible to the eyes. That inner energy is extraordinary and different in every woman. Sometimes all it takes is to drop the shield that prevents it from emanating. Once you let that light of inner beauty shine, you’ll be pleasant surprised at how bright you can be.