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Couples Boudoir

What to Expect? Men Only


So your partner booked a Couples Boudoir Session.

You are probably thinking, “What has she gotten me into now?”

Let me just briefly explain and help you to prepare for the trip she wants to take with you: an intimate journey that will nurture your relationship and produce personal growth.

So here are the answers to some FAQs:

What is a Boudoir?

Boudoir literally just means a bedroom or a private room. In photography terms, a boudoir is a session for a particular style of photos. Think of it like “the timeless art of seduction,” as Seinfeld put it. The Boudoir session is meant to be a fun and open time to capture sensual shots and sexy poses for your lover.

Is this basically a porno session?

The quick answer is: “No, not at all.”

Boudoir is separate from erotic photography in that a boudoir emphasizes on the aesthetic qualities of the subject and the craftsmanship of the photographic process over the strictly sexual quality of the photo. Yeah, a boudoir shot is meant to arouse, but a boudoir session is also meant to encapsulate a moment of raw passion in print to be enjoyed and remembered for years.

So no, sex is not part of the boudoir session, despite the intimate touching and kissing. You guys might be in the mood after the session ends though. Just saying.

Do I have to be naked?

No. Wear and don’t wear whatever makes you and your lover comfortable. There will be no pressure to strip. The KEY is to be comfortable. Being comfortable is way more important than being naked.

What do I have to do?

Be relaxed and prepared. Talk to your lover before the session about what kind of shots you or her want.

Prepare to talk through your hands and lips. Body language will be the name of the game as you express your love, lust, and desire with your figures. Poses will require a degree of lifting, bending, kissing, and touching.

Prepare to tell a tale. Every couple has a unique story. These photographs will show your special dynamic as a couple that can take on many different forms. So bring on the cuddles and kisses, pillow fights and favorite foods, symbolic props and flashy costumes—really whatever element of romance you want to express.

Be Spontaneous! You can plan the location, props, and poses, but the best photos I’ve taken are the ones that my couples are just being silly together and having fun. The more natural you are the better the story will be in the photos.

What should I wear?

You should bring: well-fitting jeans, boxers or briefs, a couple of shirts (preferably plain in color), a tie (if it is your style) and a t-shirt (better if V neck). Show your common passions as well like sports, music, art, coffee, or whatever you both enjoy.

Bottom line: be relaxed and prepared to push some boundaries, if only for an hour. At the end of the day, you’ll be glad you did.


Dream Beauty Photography, Co Owner, Lead Photographer